Piet & Sonika Wedding – Stone Cradle – Irene

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I can write a 10 page story about this couple. Once you looked at the photos you will know why. Piet and Sonika both were in two different accidents at different stages of their lives. Both knew it would be very difficult to find that special person. As prayer and fate would have it, they met at exactly the same place they got married not long after that special first glance. They now live together in Huis-Remmelos, a very special house for quadroplegics in Johannesburg. Their love for each other together can be seen every time they look at each other. This was one special day, not a dry eye in the house and once again the message that love can conquer all, was the strongest…

Piet.Sonika-1 Piet.Sonika-2 Piet.Sonika-3 Piet.Sonika-4 Piet.Sonika-5 Piet.Sonika-6 Piet.Sonika-7 Piet.Sonika-8 Piet.Sonika-9 Piet.Sonika-10 Piet.Sonika-11 Piet.Sonika-12 Piet.Sonika-13 Piet.Sonika-14 Piet.Sonika-15 Piet.Sonika-17 Piet.Sonika-18 Piet.Sonika-19 Piet.Sonika-20 Piet.Sonika-21 Piet.Sonika-22 Piet.Sonika-23 Piet.Sonika-24 Piet.Sonika-25 Piet.Sonika-26 Piet.Sonika-27 Piet.Sonika-29 Piet.Sonika-30 Piet.Sonika-31 Piet.Sonika-32 Piet.Sonika-33 Piet.Sonika-34

Piet en Sonika se eerste dans!

Piet.Sonika-35 Piet.Sonika-36 Piet.Sonika-37

Partytjie.1 Partytjie.2

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