Thank you for visiting my website with all my happy moments, from photography up to graphic designing!

I love making dreams come true and strive to give every person I photograph or design for, exactly that.

I can be an extreme perfectionist and I can talk to much! I love special moments, perfect light, challenges, and those big smiles when people are enjoying themselves! I love being artistic with landscapes, animals or just abstract objects! I love those moments when I download a shoot and you get that one absolutely gorgeous shot you can’t wait to share! Photography is all about love and the moments that create…

I was taught by an “old hand” who learned photography many years ago when they still used film and developed their own photos. I was taught how to handle every situation, from low light, to direct sunshine, to fill in, shooting in the rain and most of all, how to love it look and look for that ultimate perfect photo.

I hope to make your dreams come to life and give you memories to last a lifetime…

This website is all about my love for all the beautiful things out there! Feel free to e-mail me or just enquire about possibilities!