Marius & Colene | Engagement | Family Shoot

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We had a great afternoon at the beautiful Kleinkaap Function Venue in Centurion! This family is full of laughs and a big bunch of fun. Congratulations to Marius and Colene with their engagement…may there be many more fun laughs.


Marius&Colene.LR.Sign-1  Marius&Colene.LR.Sign-3 Marius&Colene.LR.Sign-4 Marius&Colene.LR.Sign-5  Marius&Colene.LR.Sign-7  Marius&Colene.LR.Sign-9 Marius&Colene.LR.Sign-10 Marius&Colene.LR.Sign-11 Marius&Colene.LR.Sign-12  Marius&Colene.LR.Sign-13 Marius&Colene.LR.Sign-14 Marius&Colene.LR.Sign-15 Marius&Colene.LR.Sign-16 Marius&Colene.LR.Sign-17 Marius&Colene.LR.Sign-18 Marius&Colene.LR.Sign-19 Marius&Colene.LR.Sign-20

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