Little Minke

A few weeks ago we had a fun friends-maternity shoot – Click HERE for that shoot! Jana was the first in line to welcome her baby! Minke’s timing was perfect and what an absolutely beautiful and perfect little baby she is!

A few of the many shots of the day, I just couldn’t stop!

– do you remember Jana and DJ – click HERE for the maternity shoot.


– Minke, 10 days old…

Minke.LR.Sign-3 Minke.LR.Sign-79 Minke.LR.Sign-80 Minke.LR.Sign-83 Minke.LR.Sign-86 Minke.LR.Sign Minke.LR.Sign-7 Minke.LR.Sign-9 Minke.LR.Sign-12 Minke.LR.Sign-17 Minke.LR.Sign-20  Minke.LR.Sign-28 Minke.LR.Sign-29Minke.LR.Sign-35

Minke.LR.Sign-42 Minke.LR.Sign-45 Minke.LR.Sign-53  Minke.LR.Sign-58 Coulage


Four generations of beautiful womenMinke.LR.Sign-67





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  1. alouise niemand

    Dit is die mooiste en natuurlikste fotos!!! Eks mal hieroor!!!!!

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