Lesley-ann & Neels | Engagement

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These two lovely people are getting married in July – watch this space – and we went for a fun and relaxed engagement shoot to the Voortrekker Monument! They are such a relaxed couple and that made that we could do a few scenery changes with a few bold statements! Views , Architecture, Bushveld, Road, you name it!

Can’t wait for the wedding! Enjoy!


Lesley-Anne & Neels - Engagement Lesley-Ann.Neels.Verlowing-3  Lesley-Ann.Neels.Verlowing-6  Lesley-Ann.Neels.Verlowing-10  Lesley-Ann.Neels.Verlowing-13 Lesley-Ann.Neels.Verlowing-14  Lesley-Ann.Neels.Verlowing-18 Lesley-Ann.Neels.Verlowing-19 Lesley-Ann.Neels.Verlowing-20 Lesley-Ann.Neels.Verlowing-24 Lesley-Ann.Neels.Verlowing-26   Lesley-Ann.Neels.Verlowing-37 Lesley-Ann.Neels.Verlowing-40 Lesley-Ann.Neels.Verlowing-43 Lesley-Ann.Neels.Verlowing-45 Lesley-Ann.Neels.Verlowing-46

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